Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Morning Thoughts: the Life of an Author's Dog

I own German Shepherds. I have my entire life. Each of them is unique in their own way, and Leida (the younger of the two I currently own) has this rambunctious personality. I call her "Puppydog" for a reason.

You know what I love most about her? Waking up to this:

Sometimes she jumps into bed, sometimes she props her chin over the edge and starts whining. Whatever the case, it's my second-favorite way to wake up (the first being in a tent on a mountain).

Puppydog also has a knack for being photogenic. She takes up a variety of poses to look cute. There's her lazy pose:

And her upside-down, I'm a total nutcase pose:

And sometimes, if I'm not waking up (or pretending to be asleep), she'll sit by my window and patiently wait. When I took this particular picture, she was staring outside for 20 minutes:

But best of all, she likes to be my editor. When I was revising the fourth draft of Embassy, I went downstairs for a moment -- then came back and found her diligently working on my book for me:

As you can see, Puppydog and I are pals. We have a nice round of tug-o-war every day and play hide-and-seek (THAT gets intense). But what's her favorite thing to do?

Lay by the fire and sleep.

Do you have pets? What sorts of quirky things do they do?

Post it in the comments!


  1. I have a German shepherd too!! ..But he is old now and can't do much. But I still love him to bits <3

    1. What's your dog's name?

      And same here. My other dog is going on 11 years old. Her name's Josie. She's everyone's best friend, despite being blind in one eye and going senile. Total sweetheart.

  2. I'd love a German Shepherd. I have three cats, but only one of them likes to be around people. One of them likes to sleep and the other one is grumpy. But Sammy, he's massive, and he loves snuggling up in bed. But if he thinks I should be getting up, he'll push his head under mine and lever me up off the pillow, literally. Other than that, he'll follow me round the house and go to sleep behind my chair while I write so that when I get up, I trip right over him.

    1. Bahahaha that's hilarious XD I've never heard of any cats that do that sorta thing! Sounds like he was meant to be a dog!

  3. Aw! ^ ^ Cute! I have a white kitty who likes to edit my book. I left the room and came back with a big stream of red Os and Qs ... I have no idea how she changed the font ...

    Stori Tori's Blog

    1. Hahaha that's funny. Pets can be veeeeery observant XD next thing you know, your cat will rename your files to play a prank