Friday, January 31, 2014

Attacking Myself with Seagulls

It's just like the title says. I did this last spring while in St. Petersbug, FL.

Basically, this is 90 seconds of me coaxing 30 seagulls to swarm around me. They were literally flying right on top of my head, less than six inches away.

And they said writers couldn't be crazy. Heck, if I ever got a professional publishing contract for Embassy, I'd go to the most seagull-infested place in the United States and swarm myself with as many as possible. THAT would be fun.

Does anyone have a fear of birds? This is not for you!

I was interviewed on Live TV last Tuesday! (January 28) I talked briefly about my YA novel Embassy and a bit of the process of writing it.

Check out that video HERE.

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