Thursday, August 7, 2014

Date a Guy Who Writes

This post was inspired by the post on Tumblr: Date a Girl Who Writes.
Somebody asked me to write a guy's version, so I gave it a shot.

by S. Alex Martin

Date a guy who writes. A guy who writes is a guy who is trying to create a life. And in trying to create that life, he is trying to understand the lives of other people.

You will see him sitting in a crowded place. Leaning against a wall. Walking with his eyes pointed at the sky. A guy who writes is trying to feel the world around him, and he will do whatever it takes to put himself into that world.

If he sees you walking toward the same coffee shop as him, he’ll quicken his pace just enough to beat you to the door. He will hold it open with a quiet smile, and his eyes will linger on yours. This is his way of connecting. He doesn’t know many ways to say “hello,” and he believes the best ways are small actions.

When he sits at his table, he’ll fold his hands under his chin. His eyes will move as people pass him. He listens to every conversation, memorizes what everyone is wearing. This is what he does every day. He’s a master of observation, and if he observes you, he’ll never forget you.

A guy who writes will take you on a date in a park. He loves to be outside, and he loves being outside with someone he hopes will matter to him one day. As you walk, he’ll listen to every word you say. He’ll laugh nervously. Inside, he’s hoping he doesn’t screw anything up. And when you finally sit down, neither of you will talk for a minute. Then he’ll tell you a story. It could be anything, but it’s a story worth listening to. He has lots of stories to tell, but never has anyone to tell them to.

A guy who writes will watch you as you talk. He’ll watch what you do with your legs. He’ll notice how you shift your arms. He pays special attention to your face, watching how the words you say affect you. He’ll also listen to your voice as it mixes with other sounds. If you’re in a park, he’ll notice how your words blur into the wind. If you’re in a coffee shop, he’ll learn to distinguish your voice from a dozen others.

Every time he sees you, he will smile. Even if he’s had a bad day, he’ll smile.

Watch the sunset with him. Notice how his eyes gaze at the sky, absorbing all those colors. He’ll look at you. He won’t say this, but he’s watching how the light dances in your eyes, warms your face, and gleams in your hair. He’ll tell you he watches every sunset like it’s the first sunset he’s ever seen. He loves how the whole world stops to watch it, if even for just a second.

He has a favorite book, and he’ll share it with you. He’ll tell you the book that made him start reading, and the book that inspired him to start writing. Chances are, he’s been reading since he was a little kid, and writing since he was a teenager. But because of that, he doesn’t have many friends. If he calls you a friend, it means he will always be there when you need him, and expects the same of you.

A guy who writes will write from his heart. He’ll surprise you with poems. He’ll describe the way your hair flutters in the wind. He’ll describe what you were wearing when he first met you. He’ll write a story about an adventure he had with you. He wants to show you how unforgettable you are. He wants to show you how you changed his life.

After you read his poem, he’ll take your hand in his and hold it for a while. You’ll smile at him, and you won’t have any words to say. But he’s okay with that. He loves your smile. He loves seeing how he affects you.

Sometimes he’ll seem distant. He’ll sit and stare at nothing for a while before saying anything to you. Let him. He needs time to organize his thoughts. He doesn’t want you to think he’s angry. He’s not. It’s just that sometimes, no matter how much he smiles, he doesn’t feel as happy as he should. When he’s like this, touch his arm. Let him know you’re there. He won’t flinch. A chill will run up his spine. Then he’ll take your hand in his, and you’ll sit there together, listening, watching, and living.

When a guy who writes falls in love with you, it’s because he wants to understand why you’re falling in love with him.


  1. Aw, that's gorgeous. My very favorite is the last line... <3

    1. The last line is my favorite, too :D

  2. I'm not sure how to respond to this in a way that isn't super mushy, but this is beautiful.

  3. Wow. Now I want to date a guy who writes. Haha. Nicely done. :) Loved every second of it.

  4. I now have unrealistic expectations for my future husband. Good job. XD
    But seriously, this is amazing. It made me all happy and smiley and :3


  5. That was so beautiful! Now to find a guy who writes to date. lol

    Alexa S. Winters

  6. Aw so cute. ^ ^ I need to find a guy writer now lol. XD

    Stori Tori's Blog