Friday, October 24, 2014


Just a quick update about RESONANCE, the sequel to EMBASSY.

I reached 70,000 words yesterday! Woohoo! There's anywhere between 40-50,000 left, so it's flying by :D

Remember to purchase a copy of EMBASSY 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Book Signing at Delanie's Coffee

You could say my book signing this weekend was a success! Pre-orders not included, I sold 22 copies of Embassy across the two days...a total of about 8 hours. Not bad for a little coffee shop in the Pittsburgh Southside!

I still have a few copies left over if anybody would like one. Just shoot me a message and we can arrange to get it sent out.

Here are some pictures from the signing!

If you haven't gotten a copy of Embassy yet,
you can do so HERE.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Some Updates in My Life

I haven't posted in almost two weeks, so I wanted to give some updates going on in my life right now!

First and foremost...I have TWO book signings this weekend in Pittsburgh, right in my coffee shop where I've been hard at work blasting through the sequel to Embassy.

Speaking of the sequel, I hit 60,000 words in Resonance on Wednesday! That puts me well over the halfway mark, and I have about 50,000 words I'd still like to write. Oh, and Part 2 is the same length as Part 1....and I'm expecting at least another 25,000+ words in Part 2. So yeah, it's a loooooong section.

Last weekend, I got to see my puppydog for the first time in about two months. She was very excited, and I'm going to see her again next weekend.

Moving on....a few weeks ago, my roommates and I got two kittens, Onyx and Ollie. Onyx is a black cat, and more importantly, he's MY cat.

Taken at 1:30 a.m. on a Thursday because that's what cat people do

Last, but not least, the Baltimore Orioles are playing the Kansas City Royals today! I've been a die-hard Orioles fan since I was born, so you can imagine how exciting this is to see them sweep Detroit in the ALDS and move on to the ALCS. (Last time they were in the playoffs, the Yankees beat them 3-2 in the ALDS....and the Yankees Suck). So here's to a win against the Royals today!

If you haven't already seen, there's a giveaway going on right now on Goodreads. If you enter, you have a chance to win one of two signed copies of Embassy! (must live in the USA). That giveaway ends October 24. Details are at the top right of this page.

So yeah, that's what's been up with me lately. Life is good, I'm happy (and excited for the book signings tomorrow) and I've gotten some fan mail/sent out signed books to fans across the country! Texas, Michigan, and, believe it or not, Canada! Shout out to you!

If you haven't already, grab a copy of Embassy. It's YA/NA science-fiction. Think Star Trek mixed with John Green. Details can be found HERE.