Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cover Reveal of RESONANCE

Well, here it is. the cover of Resonance, Book 2 of 4 in the Recovery Series.
A secret I can't contain any longer!

Image © Mike Andrews Photography
Release Date: January 1, 2016
Pages: ~530

Description: Belvun is dying, but recovery efforts to save the planet are well under way. In the meantime, General Orcher chooses Arman Lance to restructure the archives program in the hope of creating the Undil Embassy's first comprehensive planetary database. This sends Arman on a greater journey than he could have hoped, first traveling to Orvad, Undil's city by the ocean, then on to Daliona, the oceanic world rich with culture, nature, technologies, and sports he's only ever dreamed of.

On this new journey, Arman will challenge himself in ways he never imagined and begin to make friends he never thought he'd have. And as he learns what it really means to devote your life to the Embassy, Arman will experience the strength, diversity, and resilience of humankind.

You can grab a copy of Embassy on Amazon and all other major online retailers, and add Embassy to your Goodreads shelf!

Also, be sure to add Resonance to your Goodreads shelf.


  1. The cover looks awesome! I look forward to learning more as the release date gets closer. :)

    1. Thanks! I'll probably throw in a giveaway or two as the release gets closer, so keep posted for that :D

  2. 530 pages!? I don't know how you wrote that first draft in the time you did.

    Rebekah Gyger

    1. Haha what's even better is that the first draft of Embassy was almost 600 pages, and I wrote that in 10 days XD obviously I took out A LOT of stuff...(the plot used to be waaaaaayyyyyy different than it ended up being, and personally, it's a much better story now than it was).

      Resonance is probably going to settle between 520-540 pages after the beta readers get done with it :)

  3. That cover is awesome! Can't wait!